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Respiratory Pathogen Panel



Pathogens & Resistance Gene

 A. baumannii
 B. parapertussis
 C. pneumoniae
 H. influenzae
 K. pneumoniae
 L. pneumophila
 M. catarrhalis
 M. pneumoniae
 S. aureus
 S. pneumoniae


 Coronavirus 229E
 Coronavirus NL63
 Coronavirus OC43
 Coronavirus HKU1
 Influenza A
 Influenza B
 Parainfluenza 1
 Parainfluenza 2
 Parainfluenza 3
 Parainfluenza 4
 Rhinovirus 1
 Rhinovirus 2


Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)

PCR Testing Targeting Infection Causes and Best Treatment


Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) detects specific nucleic acid pathogens from patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of respiratory illness. RPP testing provides proper diagnosis and detection of both viral and bacterial infections with 24 hour turnaround time. Covid-19 is included on our 30 pathogen panel. Respiratory panel testing is non-invasive which helps to minimize patient’s discomfort.

Why Real-Time PCR


   The “gold standard” of infectious disease testing
   Precise results within 24 hours
   Captures genetic makeup for wide range of microbes
   Results not affected by current AB use

Our Offering


   Robust panel with 29 pathogens and 10 resistant genes           
  19 viruses (RNA) including Coronavirus (4) + Covid-19,  Flu (2), RSV (2) and Paraflu (4)
  10 bacterium (DNA) including pneumoniae (5)
  Designed specifically for our internal med physicians and ALF/SNF facilities
  Two Components
         •    PCR via ThermoFisher QuantStudio5® (24 hrs)
         •    Sanford Guide® content for best practices

Our “Priority + Program”


   Open saturdays & emergency hours
   Dedicated patient hotline for all EOB/billing questions
   Internal FTE’s (at lab) for office/facility support
   Best-in-Class LIMS system 
   No cost for EMR integration

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