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PharmD Guidance


Medical Record Analysis

PharmD Guidance Service

Why PharmD Guidance?


Antimicrobial resistance has become a serious health threat over the past decade and resistance has become a major source of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Multidrug resistance leads to treatment failure and increased mortality. Antimicrobial resistance has become highly prevalent in healthcare facilities and adds additional burdens to healthcare cost.

Prescribing trends and prescribing of antibiotics unnecessarily or incorrectly has caused an increased prevalence in multidrug resistance organisms. PCR is a critically important tool to help providers identify resistance genes which are used to provide directed therapy as opposed to an empirical approach. This is why PCR and Pharmacy Guidance is now becoming the gold standard for  providing  a targeted  and accurate approach to treatment.

Best In Class Approach


We believe QTLD is providing a best in class approach to providing lab results with a pharmacist directed regimen that specifically targets the organisms presented as well as accounting for any resistance genes that could affect treatment approach. QTLD feels as though this is a best practice that will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Experienced Team - Delivering Quality Guidance


Our team of pharmacists is made up of professionals that have a minimum of 10 years experience in providing this type of care. When you send your samples to QTLD, the PCR panels will be run and then sent to the team of pharmacists to review and then sent along with the patient report to the ordering facility and physician. Our approach is literature and guideline rooted to provide a patient specific recommendation to aid in a physician's recommendation of treatment. This approach will help providers spend less time doing research, and more time caring for their patients.


Our Offering & Key Benefits

PharmD Guidance - The Quick Test Difference

    Our proprietary report is customized to each patient's case

           •    Case by case approach using all relevant information, guidelines,                      and compendia available. 

    Quick Turnaround - Delivering Speed and Quality

           •    Pharmacy Guidance is delivered within 12-24 hours of initial                                report servicing providers 7 days a week. 

    Enhanced antimicrobial stewardship to avoid future resistance                          trends within your facility.
    Patient Report and Pharmacy Guidance is simplified into a simple,                  easy to read report for providers.

    Experienced Team - Delivering Quality Guidance

           •    All pharmacists on staff have a minimum of 10 years of pharmacy                    practice experience.

Our “Priority + Program”


   Open saturdays & emergency hours
patient hotline for all EOB/billing questions
   Internal FTE’s (at la
b) for office/facility support
   Best-in-Class LIMS system 
   No cost for EMR integration

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