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Providers - Billing & Payments


Our Billing Experience.   
Payments - How Are They Collected?


laboratory testing urinary tract infection (uti)

Billing and Payments:


Quick Test Lab Diagnostics is a family owned laboratory focused

Billing and Payments:

  • QTL has a dedicated patient hotline for billing questions to limit calls directly to the provider.

  • QTL offers payment plans for those patients who are not insured or who have not met their yearly deductible.

  • QTL is enrolled with Medicare and Medicaid.

  • QTL accepts most private health insurances .

Billing process:

  1. QTL obtains insurance information from a patient through their provider.

  2. QTL files a claim.

  3. QTL follows up on, and will appeal claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered.

  4. Once payment is received, the claim is closed.


laboratory testing women's health gynecologic

Customer Service - No Hoops.  We Are Dedicated to Meeting Your Needs.


You will find our customer service team is dedicating to meeting your needs to ensure patient care decisions are made in a timely manner.  We are on call at anytime.  There is no long phone tree to reach a person.  Dial away!  866-QUIKLAB (866-784-5522)

laboratory testing gastrointesinal pathogen panel gpp

Focused on Turnaround Time


We understand timely patient decisions are critical in order to properly treat the patient.  We are dedicated to precise results in 24-48 hours from shipment to our laboratory.  If there is any logistic issues, we communicate to our providers the expected timing of results for any delayed shipments.


Adapting to Your Logistics Needs


We understand sending your speciments to a laboratory can be a complicated matter when dealing with a shipping service.  We offer accounts of qualified volume levels the ability to add a courier service removing any internal complications to connecting with a shipping service.  Our courier service will pick up your specimens and handle all shipping logistics from that point forward.

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