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Pathogens & Resistance Gene

 A. baumannii
 C. freundii
 C. koseri
 C. trachomatis
 K. aerogenes
 E. cloacae
 E. coli
 G. vaginalis
 Herpes Simplex 1
 Herpes Simplex 2
 K. oxytoca
 K. pneumoniae
 M. genitalium
 M. hominis
 M. morganii
 Megasphaera 1


 N. gonorrhoeae
 P. aeruginosa
 P. mirabilis
 P. vulgaris
 S. marcescens
 T. pallidum
 T. vaginalis
 U. parvum
 E. faecalis
 E. faecium
 S. agalactiae
 S. aureus
 S. epidermidis
 S. pyogenes
 C. albicans
 C. auris
 C. glabrata



Molecular PCR Testing 


Molecular UTI is a breakthrough test utilizing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to provide rapid and accurate identification. Our four-step test provides the best science available with robust treatment options. We proudly offer 34 pathogen PCR coverage, a 24 hour turn-around time and an Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (AST).

Why Real-Time PCR


   The “gold standard” of infectious disease testing
   Precise results within 24 hours
   Captures genetic makeup for wide range of microbes
   Results not affected by current AB use

Our Offering


   Robust panel with 34 pathogens & 9 resistant genes
   Created for our URO/OBGYN physicians & ALF/SNF facilities
   Four Components
          •    Urinalysis via Siemans Clinitek Status®+ (24 hrs)
          •    PCR via ThermoFisher QuantStudio5® (24 hrs)
          •    AST via Beckman Coulter DxM® (<72 hrs for + culture growth)
          •    Sanford Guide® content for best practices

Our “Priority + Program”


   Open saturdays & emergency hours
   Dedicated patient hotline for all EOB/billing questions
   Internal FTE’s (at lab) for office/facility support
   Best-in-Class LIMS system 
   No cost for EMR integration

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